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My quote that I live by is that “No Rules Apply to Me,” I have no rules when I am creating, no rules when I am thinking and no rules when I am dressing. A lot of people do not understand my way of thinking, but they trust my vison and have a great appreciation for the finished work. I am one who thinks outside of the box. I do not like to follow or do what everyone else is doing. I like to be the one who starts trends so that everyone else can follow. I am a stand-up type of woman and I speak my mind. There is never a question as to what I am thinking."

-Ai Brown 


I am God’s Child, I am a Room Shaker, an Irreplaceable Energy, an Abstract Creator, and a Jackie of All Trades. I am noticeably confident but humble enough to remember my journey and how it took challenging work to get to where I am today. I put God first before anything else and to whom I give credit to for everything.

As for creating, I like to take what most people dislike and find the beauty in it. I wake up every day with a desire to push positive energy into the atmosphere. I strongly feel that everyone deserves love, respect, and fair treatment and that all aspects of life can be connected when given the three.


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